Souverain, Cabernet Sauvignon, 2007

This Alexander Valley (one of my favorite regions in CA) wine from 2007 is quite a keeper. Souverain is aromatic, a little flowery even, and gentle on the palate but not bland. It has an all-around well-balanced earthy flavor that asks for more. I found it pleasant and quite reasonably-priced at around $18 a bottle -- though there are strong alternatives in this price range.


Fetzer, Cabernet Sauvignon, 2008

Fetzer Cabernet 2008 is a "green" wine, earth-friendly and organic. So much effort was put into making it green and organic that they forgot to make it good. Sadly, Fetzer reminds me of the vanilla flan flavor of the "purple" Yellow Tail: It can be good at first, but then you realize its semi-sweet flavor is just trying to please people who don't like real wine. I'm staying away from this, even though it seems attractively priced at only $15.


Dynamite, Cabernet Sauvignon, 2006

Dynamite, first discovered in the cold hills of Yosemite national park, is actually a very good low-priced Cab. This 20086 is what it is, a an explosion of tastes that culminates with the pure taste of crushed grape skin with all its waxy, resveratroly taste. For $10 a bottle, this is a good every-day dinner helper any time.


Berco do Infante, Estremadura, 2007

Berco do Infante is a portuguese wine from one of my favorite regions, Estremadura. This 2007 vintage is actually surprisingly good. Its dark and intense ruby red is very appealing. It's well-rounded, with the classic nuances of green vegetable so typical of portuguese wines. It's not too strong nor complex, but it's full-bodied. For just $9, I'm adding this to my favorites list.