Capote Velho

I've known this portuguese wine for a while. When I first tried it some time ago, I liked it a lot. Now, I found it again and bought two bottles. It's still good, but this time Capote Velho wasn't as great a wine as I remembered it. Here are the pros: very inexpensive (just under $10 for a one-liter bottle); low on alcohol (11.5%), which makes it suitable for every-day occasions and decent quality. The cons: This new lot is just not as good as the first I tried. With not year marked on the bottle, it's hard to know if it's even the same wine. This one was good, but not great. A bit on the sweeter side. Overall, still a good companion for that quick lunch.


Stags' Leap, Merlot, 2007

From the classic region that named the winery Stags' Leaps, Napa, this 2007 merlot is of very good quality.  At first smell, hints of vanilla and the classic oak scent unfolds. Then, on first swirl, notes of chocolate and not much else come to mind. For a famous region and winery, I was expecting a bit more, but nonetheless I was pleased with this classic wine. With a price tag of around $20, I think there are better values out there.


Cousino Macul, Cabernet Sauvignon, 2008

This Chilean 2008 cabernet, Cousino-Macul, is not offensive nor great. It's simply mediocre. It doesn't have many complexities and instead is just plain simple wine. For this quality, it's actually pricey, coming in at around $15. I'd pass.


Ferrari-Carano, Cabernet Sauvignon, 2007

Here's another great Cab from one of my favorite wineries of all time, Ferrari-Carano, in Alexander Valley. Like its older brother (2006), this one too has that round finish that just works. Oaky to my preference and just right in tannins, I'm a big fan of this wine for nicer receptions or a slightly better dinner. It's in the same price range but a tiny bit more affordable than the 2006.

This one was consumed in Bend, Oregon, on a cold night by the fireplace (I won't mention it accompanied tortilla chips though, it doesn't dignify the wine, but hey, it was still pretty good!).


Tres Picos, Grenache, 2008

This spanish wine from Bodegas Borsao Winery is superb. Made from the somewhat still obscure Grenache (Garnacha, in spanish) varietal, this 2008 Tres Picos is really well-rounded. Its flavor is not exactly sweet, but is characteristically fruity in essence. Light but not bland, it leaves a strong and lasting impression in the palate with nice balanced aromas of flowers and spices. Really really good. So balanced, it can please many different tastes, so it's ideal for mixed groups of people. $34 at a restaurant in Bend, OR. Found online  for $12.