Cartuxa, Alentejo, 2004

Cartuxa is a great portuguese wine from Evora, in the Alentejo region. It's a blend of local grapes. This 2004 is superb, the right amounts of tannins and the complexity of a six year-old full-bodied red. I did have this one with ahi tuna -- yes, fish, and it was delicious.


  1. I have a bottle of this very same wine... but I want to age it. Do you know how long I can keep it shelved??? One website I read said it is drinkable from 2009 to 2016. But, I was looking for a second opinion...thanks!

  2. [Ouch, blogger didn't post my reply earlier. Sorry.]

    Yes, I agree, this wine will age very well, certainly fine within this range. Maybe it's time to try it again now... :-)