Yellow Tail, Shiraz Cabernet, 2008

This 2008 60% shiraz 40% cabernet sauvignon has an unbelievable intense smell and flavor of caramel flan. At first, it smells like vanilla and tastes like chocolate. A day later it's a clear caramel flan. For a non-dessert wine, this is a very surprising flavor/aroma combo. Simply too unexpected and pleasantly sweet to go unnoticed. Its $7 price tag makes this an all-time favorite party wine for many occasions. I'd expect even those who don't enjoy wine to make an exception for this extremely easy-to-drink wine.

Update: I realize this is was a super endorsement of this wine, but it really isn't. It was the first time I had tried such surprising and unexpected taste of caramel flan in a wine. But this is really a characteristic of low-quality wines. It now bothers me to find such flavors I don't usually find in wines I love. So, I'm scratching this one off my list of good wines.

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