Ferrari-Carano, Bordeaux blend, 2003

This Californian "Bordeaux" is an old favorite of mine. It's only available at the Alexander Valley winery Ferrari-Carano, where I first found it after tasting a vertical of the Tresor line. 2005 and 2004 were great, but the 2003 was spectacular. This was the third bottle I had, always with friends. This wine has the right amount of everything: it smells great, tastes accordingly and is very smooth with a light oaky finish. For $60 it's not terribly expensive, but is not an everyday type of wine either, sadly. Still, it's a good value.


Altano, Douro, 2005

I honestly didn't enjoy this red wine from Douro, Portugal, 2005, made from a blend of Touriga Franca and Touriga Nacional. It's too bitter and lacking a proper taste. It might have been spoiled by transportation, storage at the store, or something else, but it didn't taste like it had oxidized. Anyway, not a wine I want to repeat, sadly.


Casa Silva, Cabernet Sauvignon, 2006

This 2006 Cab from Chile is a pretty good choice. It had to be chilled since the day was really hot -- I left some background image around the bottle to show the nice view. Since I drank this with friends, I don't know the actual price, but a quick search puts it into the $20 ball park. Very good value for the money.


El Cipres, Malbec, 2007

This Malbec from Mendoza, Argentina was accompanied by a delicious selection of pizzas. The wine is reasonable but not great. Maybe with age it would get better? I couldn't find the retail price (this was purchased at a restaurant).