McManis Petite Sirah 2006

To continue my McManis streak, here's another good one, the 2006 petit syrah. Not as rich (or buttery) as the Merlot, this one is well-balanced and very palatable. With some effort, one can actually taste the californian soil in it (I kid you not). My wife and co-taster says she's found a new favorite, but I'm not backing her up on this one. It's really good, but you won't see me craving it anytime soon. I still prefer their merlot, younger as it is, for its butterly flavor.


Buena Vista, Merlot, 2004

This 2004 Merlot from the Carneros region (Napa Valley) smells very nice. The taste was a bit below my expectations: a bit watered down at first. It takes a little while to fully appreciate its quality. I'd definitely drink it again and for $17.99 even buy it again, but because of its unimpressive taste, it's not my first choice for quality gourmet wine. It went down well with a seasoned salmon and a salad, though (yeah, fish goes well with red).


Beaujolais Noveau, Georges Duboeuf, 2009

Like all Beaujolais, this Duboeuf is nothing more than hype. My best adjective for it is... crude. Not to throw away, to be sure, but nonetheless not something I'd pay more than its $9.99 price tag (and even then, there are better wines out there for this price, see McManis Merlot 2008 for an example).


McManis Merlot 2008

Just picked this one up at Whole Foods for Thanksgiving lunch/dinner. Young wine, 2008, very nice bouquet, buttery flavor. Was positively impressed with the bouquet and the buttery flavor for such a young wine for only $9.99. Went down well with turkey. :-)

Happy Thanksgiving.